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Man-82 Note
Arrangement as far as I can make out...

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Argument as far as I can make out by comparing the works «view» of Huxley1 Various naturalists. —, in whose judgement much reliance can be placed*— For myself I have no claim whatever to form an opinion.
Huxley— St. George Mivart.2
  • 1. Thomas Henry Huxley, 1825-95. . Darwin knew Huxley's views personally and from his various publications. One would have been Huxley 1863. . See also the note on the 'New Book' on the recto of this page.
  • 2. St George Jackson Mivart, 1827-1900. .  Mivart 1865: 545-592. . Also Mivart 1867: 299-429. . As per DAR 80: B92r, Darwin made use of Mivart 1867b: 175-225. .
    N.B.   in this portfolio, Darwin's extensive note on Mivart 1865.
Reproduced with the permission of the Syndics of Cambridge University Library and William Huxley Darwin
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