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Man-82 Note
[branching tree diagram of primate descent]

Editorial symbols

[Top of diagram]

 Man.  Homo «Man»  Man.1
  Hylobates Gorilla & Chimp
      Gorilla & chimpanze «Hylobates»
        Cenopithecust2 Macacus. Baboon

[Bottom of diagram]

Old World Monkeys  old world monkeys
              New World Monkey
             New World Monkey

Primates  Primates

Huxley2 p 99  
 New Bookt5 3

/April. 21— 68/ 

  • t1 Orang-utan] written over illegible word
  • t2 Cenopithecus] written over 'Sennop'
  • t3 Sennopithecus] misspelling of: 'Semnopithecus'
  • t4 Lemuridæ.] rewritten
  • t5 Huxley p 99 New Book] added in blue crayon
  • 1. This is the only known branching tree diagram constructed using actual taxa. This accords with Darwin's statement in the introduction to . '..I have been led to put together my notes, so as to see how far the general conclusions arrived at in my former works were applicable to man. This seemed all the more desirable as I had never deliberately applied these views to a species taken singly.'
  • 2. Thomas Henry Huxley, 1825-95. .
  • 3. CD apparently added this note in 1869, referring to Huxley's An introduction to the classification of animals published that year. Huxley 1869: 99. . That page is cited in .
Reproduced with the permission of the Syndics of Cambridge University Library and William Huxley Darwin
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