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Sect 9. Geologyt1

marine inhabitants of the archipelago now range thousands of miles beyond its confines. And analogy would lead us «strongly» to believe that it would be chiefly these far ranging organisms, «species» which would «oftenest» give rise to new varieties, which for a period would remain local, & then would might ultimately spread & supplant their parents. «And» According to the principles followed by many palæontologists when these varieties «when they reached under this new form» «where they had supplanted their parents;» if resenting ever so small «if they presented» any permanent difference «, however slight, they» would be ranked as «new» species.] If there be any degree of truth in this view.

[If, then, there be some degree of truth in these remarks, we have no right to expect to find in our geological sections an infinite number of «those fine» transitional forms, which on our theory assuredly have ct2onnecting & «which» «must» have connected all species past & [text cut and lost] «long» [text cut and lost] branching «& diverges «& diverging»» chains «of life.» All that [text cut and lost]

into forms must once have existedt3

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  • 1. Water-colour of house. Cat in attic, birds and trees behind house, initialled 'FD'.
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