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Childrens' drawings on verso of Origin leaves
Origin Ms p 40 Sect 1 Variation under domestication
Document Extent: 26 sheets   Folio Extent: 1 sheet

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«best» animalst1. & thus improve them; «& the improved individuals» they are changed «slowly «these slowly sp modified»» «slowly spread in the» immediate neighbourhood, & slowly spread. «But» As yet they «will» have hardly «have» «distinct» names, & from being only slightly valued, their history will hardly be remembered «disregarded». When further improved «by the same slow & gradual process» they will spread more widely, & «will» get recognised as something «distinct &» valuable, & «will then» probably «first» receive a name. In semi-civilised countries, with little free communication, the spreading Knowledge of any new sub-breed would be very slow, As soon as the «point of» value of the new sub-breed were once acknowledged, there «would always be a tendency «slowly» to augment the modification» modification would always tend «slowly whatever their nature» to augment, by owing to what I have called unconscious selection the principle as I have called it of unconscious selection would always tend,-- perhaps more at one period than another, as the breed rose or fell in [text cut and lost] [one word illegible] in one district than in [text cut; illegible]
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Reproduced by permission of the Syndics of Cambridge University Library and William Huxley Darwin
Transcription and apparatus © American Museum of Natural History