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NS I Chap 3-97 Drawings
Dissection of Strelitizia flower
Document Extent: 3 sheets  

Editorial symbols



   — stigma

   — 2 petals cohering behind & forming an arrow-shaped body, with folded edge in front & acting like a huge anther, envelop real      dehiscent anther
   — Blue single petal

   — orange sepal

 lobe of petal —

 sepal —

 G.H.D. Jan 1867t2

  orange sepal

passage to nectaryt3

Content Type: ink drawing
Textual Features: base text pencil
  • t1 Strelitzia] encircled
  • t2 G.H.D. Jan 1867] in ink
  • t3 passage to nectary] encircled; text connected by arrow to drawing
Reproduced with the permission of the Syndics of Cambridge University Library and William Huxley Darwin
Transcription and apparatus © American Museum of Natural History