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NS I Chap 3-97 Drawings
Dissection of Strelitizia flower
Document Extent: 3 sheets  

Editorial symbols



   — stigma

   — 2 petals cohering behind & forming an arrow-shaped body, with folded edge in front & acting like a huge anther, envelop real      dehiscent anther
   — Blue single petal

   — orange sepal

 lobe of petal —

 sepal —

 G.H.D. Jan 1867t2

  orange sepal

passage to nectaryt3

Content Type: ink drawing
Textual Features: base text pencil
  • t1 Strelitzia] encircled
  • t2 G.H.D. Jan 1867] in ink
  • t3 passage to nectary] encircled; text connected by arrow to drawing
Reproduced with the permission of the Syndics of Cambridge University Library and William Huxley Darwin
Higher resolution images available from Cambridge Digital Library
Transcription and apparatus © American Museum of Natural History