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[3550] Bechstein, Johann Matthäus Naturgeschichte der stubenvögel, oder Anleitung zur Kenntniss, Wartung, Zähmung, Fortpflanzung und zum Fang derjenigen in- und ausländischen Vögel, welche Man in der Stube halten kann. 4th edition, E. Heynemann, 1840. [record]
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[3547] Belcher, Edward Narrative of a voyage round the world, performed in Her Majesty's ship Sulphur, during the years 1836--1842, including details of the naval operations in China, from Dec. 1840, to Nov. 1841; published under the authority of the lords commissioners of the Admiralty., Henry Colburn, 1843. [record]
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[3510] Bock, Walter; von Wahlert, Gerd Adaptation and the Form-Function Complex, In Evolution, volume 13, 1965. [record]
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[3451] Brown, Robert Prodromus floræ Novæ Hollandiæ et Insulæ Van-Diemen. Vol. 1 (no more published), 1810. [record]
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