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DMP Architecture
On the left side of every screen you will see the four sections of DARBASE.

Darwin Union Manuscripts Catalogue. Gives access to 80,000 items in 13 libraries. More

Topical Catalogues. Each topical catalogue is focussed on a major Darwin topic and integrates all manuscript holdings, including the relevant books in Charles Darwin's Library. Current topics: Beagle, Botany, Man.

Edited Manuscripts. The Darwin Manuscripts Project is an edition of all Charles Darwin's Scientific Manuscripts. The edition is organized thematically to reflect Darwin's scientific interests and his research practices.

Darwin Publications. Only editions that have a direct relation to Darwin's manuscripts will be included.
Navigating & Searching DMP
Once you enter one of these sections, drill down. You are following a branching browser tree. At the end of each branch, you'll come to a page view, where you will find metadata, images, & transcriptions. Use the Back buttons to return to the browser at the point where you left it. To climb back up the tree or to branch off in a new direction, you can use the bread crumbs at the top of each browse list. Or, if you like, you can leap back to the top of any one of the four sections of DARBASE at any time.

The SEARCH box is available on every page. You can perform string and date searches of the entire database, including all transcriptions. A word to the savvy searcher. Correct: DAR 46. Incorrect: DAR46. Names with accents.

Viewing Options
(1) When you are in Edited Manuscripts, the first entry for any particular multi-page document is always
View Entire Manuscript. This option allows you to scroll through a complete assembled manuscript. More

(2) Full Text & Clarified Text: In page view, you can choose between two views of the transcribed manuscript: with & without textual notes and Darwin's deletions. This reflects an important component of DMP's editorial policy. More & More

(3) Tool Bar: Print page, Download PDF, Full Text, Clarified Text, and Editorial Symbols.

Darwin's abbreviations
'ditto' is usually abbreviated as 'do'

Our image files are intentionally large so that you can actually see what Darwin wrote. Patience with download speeds will be rewarded.