Darbase Articles
  • Birth & Death of Species by Niles Eldredge
    Pioneer evolutionary thinker Niles Eldredge shares his view of the deep roots and early rumblings of Darwin's species theory. History of Science is a new passion for Eldredge, born out of his experience curating the 2005-2006 AMNH Darwin exhibit—among its most successful ever. He is Curator Emeritus in the Museum's Paleontology Division.
  • Darwin's Wandering LIbrary by David Kohn
    David Kohn, a historian of Darwin's science and an editor of Darwin manuscripts, finds he is now also a curator of digital manuscripts. As a result of helping Nick Gill transform Di Gregorio & Gills' classic reference work, Charles Darwin's Marginalia, into a digitised reconstruction of Charles Darwin's Library, he was drawn to a new interest: the archival history of Darwin's library & manuscript collection.
  • Gould tells me... by Sarah Krantz
    In 1837 ornithologist John Gould became a part of the history of evolution when he showed Darwin that his Galapagos finches comprised an endemic genus of 13 endemic species. But conversations with Gould on the geographic distribution of European and Australian birds continued for years. 'Gould tells me' & 'Mr Gould says' were recurring refrains not only in Darwin's early species notebooks but also in the two sets of portfolios he kept for the Origin of Species Here is a collection of all Darwin's notes that explicitly mention a conversation with Mr Gould.